🦾 Robotic skin research collaboration

Towards more collaborative and naturally interactive robots

by Joewie J. Koh on December 17, 2019

Our multidisciplinary collaboration with Jianliang Xiao [ME], Emiliano Dall’Anese [ECEE], and Nikolaus Correll [CS] has been featured by the College of Engineering & Applied Science in an article available here.


Prototype of the flexible, multi-functional artificial skin being developed at CU Boulder.

The multi-functional artificial robotic skin that we are developing will improve the local sensing capabilities of traditional robot manipulators, paving the way to more natural human-robot interaction and distributed control. This technology has the potential to radically transform how humans interact with robots, in contexts ranging from manufacturing to assistive robotics. We are excited to see that there is wider interest in this topic from colleagues in the College and beyond!