🎉 Robotics Summer Camp Outreach Program!

Or, how we brought robotics to children in the community.

by Nataliya Nechyporenko on June 20, 2022



The Robotics Summer Camp for Middle School Students, funded by the Office for Outreach and Engagement, took place in the Lafayette Public Library from June 6 to June 11. Middle schoolers from the community attended the camp free of charge and learned about programming and robotics. They solved challenges such as having the robot avoid obstacles while navigating a maze, or having the robot exhibit a fear of heights when being picked up. The former challenge was harder than expected, which is not a surprise since it’s a simplified version of what engineers in the autonomous vehicle industry are working on right now. The latter challenge was a favorite among the students because who doesn’t want to listen to robots scream out in fear every five seconds! Overall, the camp was a great success and we are very thankful to everyone who participated ❤️

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We are interested in growing this outreach event and expanding it to more students. If you’d like to participate, learn more, or have any questions then feel free to reach out. Contact Nataliya 👉 nataliya.nechyporenko@colorado.edu