📑 Two papers accepted at IROS 2021!

Sensing and Control for robots to operate in close proximity with people

by Alessandro Roncone on July 01, 2021

Congratulations to Caleb, Kandai, Matt, Mary, Ander and Krishna for their paper acceptance at IROS 2021!

Contact Anticipation for Physical Human-Robot Interaction with Robotic Manipulators using Onboard Proximity Sensors by Caleb Escobedo, Matthew Strong, Mary West, Ander Aramburu, and Alessandro Roncone

This publication introduces dynamic contact thresholding, a method for contact anticipation during physical human-robot interaction in close proximity dynamic environments. Additionally, a framework is introduced that outlines object detection, prior to contact behavior, contact detection, and post contact behavior for a robot manipulator.

Self-Contained Kinematic Calibration of a Novel Whole-Body Artificial Skin for Human-Robot Collaboration by Kandai Watanabe, Matthew Strong, Mary West, Caleb Escobedo, Ander Aramburu, Krishna Chaitanya, and Alessandro Roncone

The paper presents a kinematic calibration algorithm that can automatically locate sensors placed arbitrarily on the surface of a robot manipulator, given they are equipped with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). To evaluate this calibration method and demonstrate potential applications, the HIRO group developed a stand-alone artificial skin unit equipped with an IMU and proximity sensor for object detection.

For more information on these two works, please visit this link.