💰 Office of Naval Research awards $500k to research human-robot co-training!!

by Alessandro Roncone on June 29, 2022


The HIRO group was selected for a $510k, 3-year award from the Office of Naval Research [ONR] titled ‘‘Human–Robot Co-Training: A Novel Paradigm for Symbiotic Human–Robot Collaboration’’. This work will explore co-training, i.e. a paradigm in which the human and the robot are co-evolving fluency, synergy, and reliability over time in order for the team to be better than the sum of its parts. It is the first step toward a broader vision where resilience, personalization, and human-robot dynamics are integrated into a fluid framework for a future where robots could serve as effective teammates to humans. This will help advance our understanding of human behavior when coordinating and negotiating with robots.

If you are interested in future updates from this research, please keep an eye on our algorithmic and social HRI research page.